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Website Design

Job details

Emily Day
30 Sep 2022
Work type
Contract, Fixed Term, Freelance
Work classification
Design, Digital & Technology, Screen & Sound


Objective: To get up and running, one designer-artist website.

About the job: You'll be working for and alongside one designer-artist, who knows what is needed for the website, but has no idea how to implement any of it to a professional standard. You will have a clear directive of the aesthetic and functions needed and will also need some ingenuity to propose your own solutions. There is no budget for ongoing website management after the initial setup so it needs to be easy enough for a layperson to do ongoing work on the site.

Website vision: It should be clear, professional, and easy to navigate. To present the designer's work and past artworks in a clear, understandable and informative way. To have a freshness about it. To have a small interactive component, for example, the viewer needing to solve a riddle in order to view a short video.

Time: Eleven half days. November 2 3,4,7,8,9,10,11 plus 3 half days between 14-18 Nov.

Pay: The job has a fixed pay of $1000.




How to apply

Please email your CV and informal cover letter to

I'm interested in the nuts and bolts, what you can and can't do.. and if you would like to include answers to the following questions, then do:

How do you imagine working together? What would you need from me in order to start? What would make you feel at the end of the project, that it had gone well?

Written by

Emily Day

1 Sep 2022